The HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to spread and disproportionately affecting people in developing countries where resources are most limited. The major effects include reduced life expectancy, loss of household income and livelihood source, and increased demand on healthcare systems and social assistance services.

The end result is increased poverty levels and economic growth. In recent years there has been an increase in funding to help to improve both prevention campaigns and the provision of treatment and care for those living with HIV. Major development initiatives have been introduced at the global scale: the USAID PEPFAR, the Global Fund. Developing countries worst affected by the pandemic have developed multi-sectoral coordination mechanisms to ensure the multiple efforts and funding to fight the pandemic are well coordinated and effective.

JIMAT works with client to roll back the HIV and AIDS pandemic through: (1) conducting HIV related research; (2) building capacity for effective implementation; (3) designing effective programmes informed by the local context and international experience; and (4) evaluating HIV and AIDS responses.

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