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MARKET-RESERCH Profile “Innovative Marketing Research Solutions” Market-Res is a market research concern arm of the JIMAT Group. It provides full-service strategic guidance and business solutions to both local and major international companies, the world leader in strategy research for consumer markets.

Global coverage and cutting edge innovation make our products essential for companies worldwide. We give people a voice in the products, services and policies that affect their lives, and strive to make market research a positive force for our clients and society. From brand equity to new product development to market penetration and market share, as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty, Market-Res assist organizations better understand the needs of their customers – and their perceptions of the brand.

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research in the region and beyond. Over the years, we have, through our main line operations developed an extensive global network that allows us to integrate our research professionals with data gathering teams anywhere in the world.

Whether the project is big or small, domestic or global, we are responsive and flexible. We pay great attention to detail, and yet we never lose sight of our client’s big picture. Our goal is to be our clients’ BUSINESS PARTNERS, not just a research merchant. To that end, Customer Delight, Honesty, Intelligence and Critical Thinking to every engagement remain our priority. These are the values upon which our brand is built, and they guide us in all we do.

We specialize in customer satisfaction, employee and brand stakeholder market research. We continue Research & Development efforts in customer retention forecasting systems, resource allocation optimizers, key driver analysis, linkage models, and data mining software so that we can assist our clients with not only directional guidance but also strategic planning.

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